Resources on Lovingkindness Meditation

Resources On Lovingkindness Meditation and the Four Brahma Viharas (The Four Limitless Ones, The Four Immeasurables)

( there are guided meditations on this website)

These first resources are from modern Western teachers trained primarily in the Lovingkindness practices from the Theravada Buddhist Tradition:


By Sharon SalzbergLovingkindness: The Revolutionary Art of Happiness: published by Shambhala, available in hardcover or paperback and often found in Used Book Stores. [Sharon’s website is ] – this is the primary text for this group and for the study of Lovingkindness meditation practice

also by Sharon:

The Force of Kindness (book and CD of four guided lovingkindness meditations): Pub.

Lovingkindness Meditation: Learning to Love Through Insight Meditation (3 CDs + 7 page study guide))

Published by Sounds True at or 1-800-333- 9185 (available as audio download)

The Kindness Handbook: A Practical Companion (book)


Access a guided Metta meditation by Sharon at – access talks & guided meditations by Sharon, Joseph Goldstein, Ajahn Sucitto, Ajahn Sumedho, Bhante Gunaratana, Gil Fronsdal, Guy Armstrong  at , also stream or download the Lovingkindness scripture: Greg Sharf: Metta Chant with Yogis


By Tara Brach: Radical Acceptance: Embracing Your Life with the Heart of a Buddha This book contains a wide range of  teachings with particular emphasis on breaking through patterns of self-judgment and low self-esteem – many exercises, lots of good stories, good guided meditations on Lovingkindness and other topics.

[Dharma talks by Tara Brach (and other teachers) on the IMCW website]

at stream or download Tara Brach: “The Divine Abodes: Lovingkindness”


The following resources on Lovingkindness and the Four Immeasureables are from the Tibetan Buddhist Tradition:


By Pema Chodron:

–          CDs:  Perfect Just As You Are: Buddhist Practices on THE FOUR LIMITLESS ONES: Lovingkindness, Compassion, Joy, and Equanimity – These CDs comprise 8 hours of a 6-week class that Pema Chodron taught in recent years.   Published by Shambhala. This is an excellent audio course (offered from the Tibetan Buddhist perspective) which also includes guided meditations, writing/reflection exercises, and question/answer sessions.

–          Awakening Loving-Kindness, A Shambhala Pocket Classic, 1991 – tiny size, good info, Tibetan Buddhist perspective


Tulku Thondup: The Healing Power of Lovingkindness – booklets and 3 CDs describing the benefits of lovingkindness and leading guided meditations related to the Tibetan practices of chanting mantras and visualizing Avalokitesvara (Chenrezig) the bodhisattva of compassion.  This is a rich resource for Tibetan Buddhist practice and support for guided meditation.


B. Alan Wallace: The Four Immeasurables: Practices to Open the Heart – a collection of edited retreat talks. The first three chapters offer an excellent explanation of shamatha practice techniques (concentration practice) in Tibetan Buddhism


Tsoknyi Rinpoche: Open Heart, Open Mind: Awakening the Power of Essence Love, Harmony Books 2012 –  In Open Heart, Open Mind, Tsoknyi Rinpoche  explains that a life free of fear, pain, insecurity, and doubt is not only possible, it’s our birthright. We long for peace, for the ability to love and be loved openly and freely, and for the confidence and clarity to meet the various challenges we face in our daily lives. Within each of us resides a spark of unparalleled brilliance, an unlimited capacity for warmth, openness, and courage, which Rinpoche identifies as “essence love.” Timeless and imperishable, essence love is often layered over by patterns of behavior and belief that urge us to seek happiness in conditions or situations that never quite live up to their promise. Drawing on rarely discussed teachings of Tibetan Buddhism, Rinpoche describes how such patterns evolve and offers a series of meditation exercises to help us unravel them and, in the process, reawaken an energy and exuberance that can not only bring lasting fulfillment to our lives but ultimately serve to enliven and inspire the entire world.